Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lauren decided to she wanted to show a Fat Steer this year at the Suwannee River Fair!
She is in 5th grade this year and will soon be 11 years old. So I called Mr. Larry to find her a steer! It was a little late notice so he had some work to do...he called a few contacts and found us a red maine angu cross calf. He kept it until the first weigh in to get him use to leading and so we wouldn't have to move him and stress him out more than we had too!
It was still dark when we got there to pick him up to take him to the weigh in that cold morning!
Loaded in the trailer!
Lauren named him Fireball!
(I hope it doesn't make him act like a fireball!)
He is so pretty to me! I love the color red he is!
He weighted 535! We have got alot of weight to put on before March!
These pictures I took of Lauren and Fireball for a 4-H project that would be entered in the North Florida Fair in Tallahassee
Fireball is so loving and always wants to lick you!
Too funny!
We have enjoyed the time we have spent as a family and the learning experience we gained from having fireball! I hope this teaches Lauren about hard work and responsibility.

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