Friday, October 28, 2011

Truck or Treat!

We love going to the Mitchell's Annual Truck or Treat!

It is filled with fun, yummy food, a hayride, pinata, and lots a CANDY!
This was the first year I got on board and decorated our truck!
Thanks to Amie for lending me some Halloween scary decorations and a strobe light! Lauren carved the pumpkin and school this year and she made a cat! Super Cute! Way to GO Lauren!!!

Jamie waiting on the next TRUCK OR TREATER!
(he ate alot of candy while passing it out)
Caroline wacking the pinata!
My Lauren is almost to old to dress up! SO she made a costume out of Justice clothes ( baby is growing up way to fast)
Dorthory, Hoot Hoot, and Mullian
My girls!
The owl flying off the hay bale!
Preparing to take flight

Sister's are something special!
(That is when they are not fighting) :)
How cute!
I have a special little family!
Gabe and Caroline!
Some sweet friends! Judson and Savannah!
aka: Captain Jack Sparrow and Tinkerbell

I love to make memories and celebrate each and every holiday!
Thank you to the Mitchell's for inviting us we have so much fun and look forward to Truck or Treating with you and your family and friends!
The girls brought home much candy! We shared with Nana, Papa, Uncle Jerry, Daddy, ate some in our lunches, and mom took some to school to put in her treat jar!
Happy Halloween 2011!

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  1. It was a fun night. I spent the evening with two of the cutest
    trick or treaters I know.