Monday, March 28, 2011

Play Ball!

Lauren's First Softball game was Saturday in Fort White at 3:00!
We had a great family day!
We then came home to play ball in the backyard till 8:00 that night with our neighbors Caden and CJ.
Lauren Stole 2nd base!
Caroline cheering her Big Sister on!

Lauren! So proud of her!
Lauren on 1st base!
4 balls and 1 strike! Her 1st walk!
Lauren at up at bat.

Air Show!

Our First Blue Angels Air Show!
Caroline and I happened to be in Target in Mississippi when everyone was asking about sunscreen! So with all the excitement I asked a sales associate why everyone needed sunscreen?
They then explained to me that the Keelser Air Force Base was having the Blue Angels Air Show Saturday and Sunday. Well, how could we miss it? So I bought some sunscreen and snacks (cause I wasn't sure about all of this...I had never been to an air show before and knew little bit had to have plenty of food and drinks!) On Sunday I loaded up my stroller with a blanket, sunglasses, food, sunscreen and set out to find our way to the air force base! Wow, at the people attending! We parked our car and had to walk to where you got bussed into the air strip! It was so neat to be apart of the experience. I was also neat to see the patriotism people had. I thought what an honor to get to watch this! How lucky are we to get to live in a country like the USA. I am totally hooked! I would love to go to the last show in Pensacola with Jamie and the girls! If you have never been you should put it on your list of things to do!
FYI: You need the following...
~Ear Plugs
~Cash for food
~They have really good corndogs, funnel cakes, chicken strip baskets, anything you could want!
Icee, cokes, water, gatoraid! However, I was prepared for the worst!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"A Hearty Serving of Quality Time"

Jamie and I had been wanting to do something in memory of my mother for a couple of years now. When the opportunity came up for this cookbook for the Florida Baptist Children's Home we knew how better to honor mother than by helping children. Jamie is very thoughtful and sweet and surprised me by talking to Jessica and setting this all up for me.
(He is always thinking of thoughtful things to do for me!)

This was written about my mother in memory of her.
Carol Brown is lovingly remembered as a devoted daughter, sister and mother, talented teacher and special friend. God took her early in life, but she left behind a legacy through her family and the many children and friends that she touched.
Carol loved teaching and had a way of making each child in her classes fell as if they were the most special child in the world. She regularly provided breakfast and snacks for the children in her classes who otherwise would not have had a meal. She also bought clothing for both children and others she encountered at school who were in need. Though she has been gone for many years, there are teachers and co-workers who still look back and ask, "What would Carol have done?"Although her years were few, the mark Carol left on this earth was great.

I named my blog after her and her favorite word "Beautimous" When I was trying to figure out how to put it all together for my blog name a good friend that knew my mom said "why don't you name it Carol's Beautimous Legacy! And I knew that was it! I kept trying to figure out what to put with Carol's Beautimous ? And as soon and she said Legacy I knew that was perfect! Thank you Mrs. Marsha for helping me name my blog!
So back to the cookbook...sorry I got side tracked.

Jessica Thockmorton and Chef Jessica Bright visited our church "First Baptist of Cross City" Wednesday night with the cookbooks. We had a great visit and I got a case of cookbooks to sell.
Before we headed home I had to get some pictures of Caroline and Chef Jessica in the kitchen.

Chef Jessica is a food and nutrition educator and trained chef.
Chef Jessica is passionate about raising awareness for the needs of children in foster care.
In November 2009, Jessica was presented a Point of Light Award for Adoption Awareness by the Governor of Florida. She has also been presented the President of the United States' Call to Service Award and recognized by Hands on Jacksonville for her volunteerism.
Chef Jessica is great with kids! Caroline had fun with her in the kitchen!
I love this picture of them both!
Thank you Chef Jessica for the pictures in the kitchen! Caroline had fun getting to meet you and
enjoyed the stories! But most of all making her laugh!
You have such a sweet spirit! God Bless You!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Wednesday, March 2nd was Dr. Seuss's Birthday! We celebrated it at school by decorating doors, eating green eggs and ham and class parties!
We read 12 of Dr. Seuss books that week to our kids in our class. They love to be read too!
We had a lot of fun celebrating!
I had ordered this really cute skirt from Etsy made out of Seuss fabric! I was so excited until... we were in TJ Maxx Monday night and Caroline fell in love with this dress she has on. I hear her say "Mom look! How beautiful it is Dr. Seuss's pattern!" Usually I can say No! but it was just the tone in her little voice and how sweet she was I couldn't resist.
So we resold the precious skirt from Etsy to Braley. I was a little sad...but not Caroline she was proud of her find.
Our Cat in the hats our class did this week!
Can you tell I usually take our pictures before school starts! lol We always look like we have not woke up yet! However I love my sweet school pictures of my girls and love those moments like these.
Lauren has informed me she is getting too big for all of this stuff! Lol
Such a sweet daughter! I am going to miss her next year when she is at the middle school. I am trying to get as many pictures as can! (sniff sniff)
My students love to see Lauren when she comes in my room :) She is greeted by them all running over to her every morning!
We love you Lauren Seuss!!
Caroline Seuss
We ate "Green Eggs and Ham"
The kids loved them!
Mrs. Christy's and Mrs. Wendy's Door!
So cute!
Mrs. Heather, Mrs. Belinda and Mrs. Amanda's Door!
I loved it! So cute!
Our class door! Mr. Travis drew it out for us!
Thank you Mr. Travis!
We made pencils for Caroline's class for her party! We found them at Office Depot last weekend we Christy and I went to like 8 stories in 3 hours! Whew! That was fun yet alittle crazy! We were on a mission to find Dr. Seuss stuff our class party on Wednesday. We went to Hobby Lobby, Micheals, Office Depot, Dollar Tree, Kmart, Joann's, Wal-green's, Target, and the 24 hour Wal-mart. Some of which she sat in the car with the kids while I ran in! Ha! We then went home to stay up till 2:30 making favor bags and fabric pins for our class and Pre-K team!
(Christy, I had a lot of fun that night we might could make a reality show on shopping! lol)

Jamie's "33" Birthday!

Jamie's turned "33" on the March 1st, 2011
sorry I am just getting around to posting...we have been busy every night this week it seemed like.

We had a great birthday dinner at his parents!
Papa cooked steaks and Nana fixed the rest.
Rice, peas,(that granny hand shelled) mashed potatoes and asparagus.
Typing this makes me hungry all over again. Ha!
Jamie's parents are a blessing to my girls and me.
I love the example they set for Jamie and how they raised him to be a wonderful husband, father, friend, son, brother, co-worker, and employee. Nana and Papa are a sweet Christian couple who put God first in everything they do and it shows and is a witness to me.
Family is very important to them and you can tell it in their life.
So, on Monday night we ate dinner, sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles, ate cake and sat around the table taking and laughing! I personally love to hear Jamie tell a story, it makes me laugh! I love to hear old stories about when they were little boys growing up in the chicken houses or old stories about Big Papa. It makes me wish I would have experienced that as a child too. But for whatever reason I didn't get to and my grandmother raised me! (Which I am very thankful for my life with her it is just hard to understand why sometimes I didn't get to experience a mother and father relationship) I am so thankful for Jamie's Godly Parents! I am so thankful for the many blessing God has blessed me with one of those being my Husband Jamie! He is my heart!

Our sweet girls!
Caroline insisted on putting her daddy's candles on the cake! Wow!
She said she made them into a dinosaur?? Not seeing it?
She told her Uncle Jerry and he sadly told her the same! lol
My Family! (Notice the party hats! While at Hobby Lobby the weekend before Caroline insisted on buying them for Lauren and her Daddy!) And one for her too of course!
I love this picture of Jamie
He was smiling while we were singing Happy Birthday to him!
We love you honey! XOXO

Oh and notice the fire on the cake? I bought some clearance candles from Hobby Lobby the same night Caroline had to have the Party Hats! Wow it almost burnt Jamie's eyebrows off!
However don't worry the family had a good laugh as I admitted that I had bought them on sale for 49c. for the pack. lol!
He was able to blow all of them out at once!
Brothers and Father and sons!