Monday, October 31, 2011

BOO at the ZOO!

I have always wanted to take the kids to "Spooktacular" at the Jacksonville Zoo!
Jamie bought us a season pass this summer and we have really enjoyed going to the zoo.
(Lauren loves the zoo and loves animals! Caroline does too it is just that Lauren is a walking animal dictionary! (She loves to watch animal planet)
I wasn't sure what to expect but was really glad we got there early! (Usually Franne is always late...I don't like to be late but it just happens that way)
We bought our discounted tickets and waited in line for the gates to open for about 30 minutes. Thank goodness I got my time mixed up because as we were leaving the zoo that night we saw the hundreds of parked cars at local businesses and along the sides of the road! WOW! It does pay to be early....we got a front row parking spot and didn't have to walk a mile! Ha!
Waiting in line for the gates to open!
Local people carved pumpkins and brought to the zoo for display. It was so pretty to see them all glowing around the zoo!
I had to get a family picture!
I hate to ask random people if they mind taking my picture but sometimes you have to break down and just ask....the worst thing they can tell you is NO and that has yet to happen! However sometimes to do ask someone who has NO clue how to operate a camera! lol
Halloween is a hard day for me to enjoy but I am so thankful for my girls and my husband to share it with and make memories with!
(Halloween is Momma's birthday :( and I miss her so much and I wish she was here to let us celebrate her day) In my mind I imagine cooking her dinner, baking her a cake, making her something special, watching her blow out her candles the list just goes on and on!

My sweet family!

Lauren Anne (aka: our animal guide)

My sweet husband waiting on us to get off the merry go round....
Then get ready to go home! We had lots of fun at Spooktacular and hope we make this a tradition!

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  1. You know I teared up when I read this. Glad I can share my mama with you.