Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beth Moore and a fire alarm!

We decorated for Beth Moore's Reaching Up at our church.
We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time spent together.
Our coffee bar we set up in the fellowship hall
We decorated this bulletin board for the program
We enjoyed spending the day together with dear and special friends.
Cleaning up time! Got to get ready for lunch!
Mrs. Judy is such a sweet christian lady!
She smiled the whole 3 days we worked on getting this ready.
Back row: (L to F)
Mrs. Virginia, Mrs. Nancy D, Mrs. Nancy H,
Front row: (L to F)
Franne, Mrs. Angie, Alina
We had just got in the sanctuary from cleaning up the fellowship hall to listen to Beth's message when the fire alarm goes off! It was scary! I looked at Mrs. Virginia scared we had left a candle lit that had caught on fire. (We only had candles lit all over the church in lanterns, tea lights, and in every bathroom!) After splitting up and running upstairs and downstairs Nana came upon the fire alarm! Someone had come in from off the street and pulled it. How sad how the devil can work. Talk about disruptive we had to call the Fire Service to come turn it off. The ladies that attended sat threw it so glad God was able to work in the lives of the women sitting in the sanctuary.
The control box
The back door where they came down the hall to pull our Fire Alarm!
Praise God that is wasn't a real fire and everyone stayed to hear the rest of Beth's message.
We had over 220 women visit from nearby churches.
Eating lunch in the fellowship hall
We were some busy women getting everything ready!
Nana's dollip of fruit vs Franne's drizzle of fruit!
Breakfast in the fellowship hall set up and ready to serve
(L to R)
Alina, Franne, Mrs. Virginia, Mrs. Anilla, Mrs. Judy, Mrs. Angie, Mrs. Nancy D, Mrs. Nancy H
We had delicious food!
Chicken salad on croissants, salad, homemade broccoli soup and lots baked sweets made by ladies of our church

First Baptist Church of Cross City

Stopped to take a picture
Marinda and Stephanie

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