Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soccer Mom!

This is Caroline's first year playing soccer!
Uncle Boy (Braley's Uncle) sponsored the team and he and his mom came up with the name "Snot Rockets" I will be honest....I wasn't ever fond of the name and it never really did grow on me but with soccer season being in the winter the name was fitting! lol

Caroline and Presley
(Cole even snuck in the picture)
Lauren and Caroline had the same colors this year! Too Sweet!
Caroline liked playing goalie!
Caroline's coaches...Mrs. Cati and Mrs. April
(poor baby was scared to death on her first game and threw up half way through the game)
You can tell in the picture she was sick :(
Sweet girl!! So proud of her overcoming being scared
The Snot Rockets!
(Still hard to say or type)
I took this picture at Caroline's first soccer practice!

Caroline had a great first experience playing sports and overcame being scared! We were all proud of her and she says she might play again next year...we will see!

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