Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ice Cold Lemonade!

While in Mississippi on vacation we were in Target the girls and I found this super cute lemonade set! Automatically the girls wanted to get it and plan a day to set up our stand!
We woke up Tuesday morning to clouds in the sky the girls were disappointed I told them lets get everything ready and hopefully the rain would pass. The girls squeezed lemons and made lemon bars! By the time we got the kitchen cleaned up and the lemon bars baked the rain had passed and we were off to set up our Lemonade Stand!

Ready for the first customer!

Loved the banner!
Loved the sign!! Lauren wrote the price on the sign!
2nd customers of the day! Papa Jerry and Mr. Gary
(Nana and Mrs. Lola was the 1st customer but mom didn't have the camera ready)
Lauren wrote on every cup that read "Lemonade"
Nana V called the girls to see how it was going!
Waiting on their next customer!
Lauren's sign reads "We have $5.00"
Even Zoey helped!
"Mom would you like some lemonade?"
"Lauren how about you?"
Zoey decided to take a quick nap in between customers
Caroline got the camera and started taking pictures of everyone!
Caroline took a picture of Lauren pretend sleeping!
The last customer of the day! Mrs. Angie took a break from work to come get
some fresh cold lemonade!
What a wonderful way to spend the day! The rain cooled it off and the girls had the stand open from 12:00 to 4:30 and they made $30.00. They had so much fun and we made some sweet memories together. They are planning on another lemonade stand next week!
When Granny Pat and Nana V found out how much money the girls made they said they want to borrow the stand and set one up Saturday on the side of Hwy 19! lol
One of the days I know I will never forget with my two girls!

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  1. Awww, glad it turned out so well. I am going to have to get on it and get Braley's together. Hopefully her will go as well. Y'all might have to come give us some tips:)