Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peach Cobbler

While in the mountains last weekend Jamie bought me some "Fresh Georgia Peaches"
from a neat little store on some back road on the way home. The parking lot was packed full of people. They had fresh produce, apples, peaches, baked pies, jams, apple and peach cider and lots more! I got a glass of peach cider while shopping around the store, it was delicious! Writing about it makes me wish I had some more right now.
This is what I made with my "Fresh Georgia Peaches"
Peach Cobbler!
I had never made a cobbler before. I was reluctant when I found the recipe, because it said to put the flour mixture on bottom and then add the fruit on top. It also read "DO NOT STIR"
So I was trusting Paula Deen knew what she was doing! lol
I stewed the peaches down to put in the cobbler and had some broth left and it smelled so good! I decided to make peach tea for the girls and I to drink while we waited on the cobbler.
It turned out great! The crust rose to the top!
I made two cobblers...one for Papa and Nana and one for us.
Papa had surgery earlier that day and we wanted to make him something to cheer him up.
(and Papa loves sweets...How could we go wrong)

Caroline drinking peach tea and drawing Papa a get well card.
Lauren said it was yummy!
Lauren drinking her peach tea and making a Get Well card for Papa!

I love getting in the kitchen with my girls and letting them help me bake. Jamie and Papa said it was the best peach cobbler they had ever had! I was impressed with the how good the Georgia peaches were, that is what made it so delicious.
I wish I had some more!



  1. MMMMMM....I love peach cobbler! My mouth is watering!!

  2. Might have to make use of those peaches on my counter........