Friday, June 17, 2011


Caroline had to pick up the worms and measure which worm was the longest before she would put it on her hook! The fish kept stealing them off her hook.
Sitting on the dock waiting on the fish to steal our worms?
Papa and Caroline fishing
A real big fish! lol
Caught some trash
The smallest catch

Lauren was fishing taking it serious...notice where Caroline is...picking out the longest worm!
Surprised that she would even took touch them. lol
Here little fish
The girls were so happy that Papa Jerry took them fishing
Caroline's first catch
Sitting and waiting patiently on the fish to bite the hook! lol
The girls and I got impatient and got ADD! lol
After 30 minutes Lauren was hungry and hot!
Caroline wouldn't leave her worm in the water to get a bite! She moved all over the dock casting her pole out and pulling it in! lol
Papa fishing, Lauren laying out, Caroline casting her pole out once more!

We had a great day with papa today fishing! He picked us up and we stopped and got fresh bait (earth worms) and hot boiled peanuts and headed to the river. We didn't get ONE bite in an hour and a half so Papa being the best Papa ever took us to catch a fish at a dear friends house Mr. Lee's. As soon as the girls put their worms in the water they had caught a fish! NOW that is what I am talking about...ACTION!

Here is a play by play of some of the action going on...
A turtle kept trying to get Caroline's worm! Lauren caught the most fish plus the smallest catch of the day. Caroline had the most stolen bait and she caught the biggest shell cracker! We made some super sweet memories with Papa and had a wonderful day to start off our second day of summer break.


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