Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jacksonville Zoo!

Our First Weekend of Summer!
What a better way to start it off than going to the Jacksonville Zoo!
Lauren being my animal lover and walking animal encyclopedia was in animal HEAVEN! If we named an animal wrong she would correct us! Caroline just likes to go anywhere animals or no animals she is just up for a good trip! (We always tease and say she would go to the dump if anyone was headed there) So we packed our cooler, sunglasses and sunscreen and headed out. We stayed in Jacksonville the night before because Daddy O had played in a tournament.
What a sweet Dad to buy us a Season Pass to the Zoo! (Thank you honey!)
I am sure we will put them to good use!
Can you tell my family loves it when I take pictures?
Safari Girls!
Notice Lauren's zebra pants, she is totally into zebra stripes...Mom is not!
Caroline is still into whatever Mom puts on her!
My girls!
This elephant was so cool! I had never seen one in really life suck water up and make a mud hole then spray it all over him! (It was defiantly my highlight of the trip)
Alligators! Jamie spit on one in the water and he attacked it!
The girls loved feeding the giraffes!
The baby wasn't allowed to be fed. When we walked away Lauren informed us that the baby would fall on the rock or skin it's legs. That is why we wasn't allowed.

That is a big elephant behind us.
The flowers were beautiful!
Can you say hot?
This was some type of Eagle? Lauren knows exactly but she isn't here to tell me!
A Parrot? Lauren told us a Macaw!
This was probably the craziest thing any of us had ever seen! This gorilla came up to the window where we were standing and staring at him came up and propped up against the window and stared back!
How cute? Did he really know what he was doing?
What a great day we had as a family!
Memories were made and we enjoyed every second together!
Jamie drove home and we were all asleep before we got out of Jacksonville.
Hot and sticky from the sweat!
Thank you honey for our great start to a wonderful summer.
Till we see you again Jacksonville Zoo!
~Love, The Martin's

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