Friday, April 22, 2011

Papa's Chickens!

Caroline loves to ride to the chicken house with her Papa!
Today after eating lunch we all went to see Papa's new chickens he got this week!
When Caroline opened the door she said look "Mom it's 100 chickens"
Papa then said "No try more like 9,986 chickens" I am just thinking lets make that an even 10,000. While in the barn I was trying to imagine Jamie having to pick up eggs as a little boy with his brother Jerry. I also thought about when he was a baby having to ride on the cart with his Grandma to pick up eggs and how long that must have took them. Even thought he experienced it and I didn't I am amazed at the whole experience. (I also think it looks somewhat fun) Jamie has always told me as a little boy his memories of the chicken houses that his papa and daddy had and how the chickens didn't stop laying eggs because it was Saturday morning or Christmas morning. I love hearing stories about him growing up on a farm and his family being "chicken farmers". Jamie has a wonderful family and they are all very close! I love to hear them laugh and talk about all of the memories they have had. Papa laughs know but, when he caught Jerry and Jamie having an egg fight it wasn't so funny then!
Behind Caroline is when the chickens lay their eggs and to the right is where they eat and get water.

Chickens are everywhere! Caroline is clucking like a chicken! Ha!

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  1. Oh MY WORD... HolY Chickens! That is Wow A LOT. I love that picture of Caroline clucking back at them :)