Sunday, April 3, 2011

Check the time!

Our Florida Gator Baseball Game!

Saturday night we were going with Jamie's parents to watch a Florida Gator Baseball Game at 7:00! Mr. Jerry had been given tickets for the game by Pepsi. "Wonderful seats" he said...6 rows up right behind the catcher and close to the dugout. I love baseball! It is actually my favorite out of all sports! (Maybe that is because I kept stats for my middle and high school career for our varsity baseball team.) I actually understand what is going on and I don't have to pretend! I love football games...I just ask a lot a questions! Ha! Poor Jamie has to explain everything! So maybe that is why he likes to take me to baseball games...I am not asking 150 questions while he is trying to pay attention. Enough about that lets get back to the story. We all got ready in our "Orange and Blue" and met his parents at our favorite restaurant "Bonefish" It was delicious! We sat behind another family that was all dressed up in orange and blue who was taking about baseball too! After dinner we all pilled in Jamie's cruiser to head to the game. Worried about parking, we were surprised when we pulled into the parking garage to some open parking places. We all jumped out and headed to the stadium laughing and talking!
When we got there no one was taking tickets and the box office was closed curtains down!! The game had been moved up to 1:00 little did we know. Ha! Mr. Jerry went to ask someone why the game had be moved or what happened and the man said "The time was changed last July!" Poor Mr. Jerry was sick... He was so happy to bring his family to spend some quality time with and was excited to watch the game in the great seats with his son and granddaughters! Caroline looked at him walking on the way out and said "Papa, I am mad about this! I didn't even get to watch the game for 40 seconds!" Nana and I followed behind laughing saying well it wasn't meant to be...maybe we would have got hit in the head by a fly ball...or maybe we can talk them into to going by Target! We all had some good laughs and it was a fun night even if we got all dressed up for the game in our "Orange and Blue." Papa will never not check Gator after his disappointing mishap. I was just happy to get a picture of all of us! I only wish I would have gotten some of Mr. Jerry flagging down the man on the ranger and waving his tickets to him in the air and I wish I would have gotten some of the girls in the stadium! Oh well, I will get better with my photo opts! What a great memory and we enjoyed every second and had fun spending time together as a family!


  1. Hey Franne! I just found your blog and I laughed so hard when I read this story, only because it is SO something that would happen to us!