Monday, April 18, 2011

4 Dozen Eggs!!

4 Dozen Easter Eggs Dyed!
I love Easter!
The girls had a lot of fun writing on them with a white crayon!
I love the little chick aprons!
This was Caroline's first year we really trusted her to help out! Ha!
We also made a batch of Cupcakes for Sunday School at Church while we were dyeing eggs! lol
Now back to our Easter Eggs! Lauren was writing all of our names on the eggs before placing them in the dye!
Caroline checked them to see if they were the color we wanted! lol
They also had a fight over the egg dipper! Lol
The box only came with one so I had the get thongs out for the other!
Why, Why, Why can't they just put two in the box! Ha!
However, they shared for the most part!

I love having the girls in the kitchen with me and I love to make memories with them!
I remember dyeing Easter Eggs with my Grandmother and I loved every minute!
I also love making and keeping traditions with my girls!
I am truly blessed that God gave me two daughters to share my life with!
Happy Easter!
~Franne, Lauren and Caroline

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