Friday, April 22, 2011

On your mark...get set....Hunt!!!

We love Sunday's! That is the day we spend with Papa and Nana! We go to church and then run home, change clothes and go to Papa and Nana's house for lunch! Nana always cooks the best fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, broccoli....etc
Papa grills sausage on the grill and we dip it in Cane Syrup! Yum and weird I know but it is good....You really should try it sometime!
Jamie's brother comes and sometimes one of the great-grandma's too.
Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and since we are going to be gone for Easter we decided to do our egg hunt then! Well, let me back up....Saturday, when we went to see the chickens we drove up to the house to eat lunch and papa was bringing dirt into the yard and covering the grass everywhere! Nana had read or seen on HGTV that you should do that to fill in the dead spots in your lawn and also the moles had been really bad so they had two reasons. However, we didn't think about having to hide eggs in the sand! Ha! It felt like we were at the beach/farm! lol
The girls had a lot of fun and Nana and I sat on the porch and watched.

Uncle Jerry stayed to watch his two nieces hunt eggs!
Poor Caroline was having trouble finding them!
Lauren was getting all of the easy to find eggs.
Note: All of the sand Papa brought in the yard! :)
It looks like a new construction home?
Well, don't worry soon....
(I hope! The grass will grow back through all the sand and be thick and beautiful)
Caroline trying to listen to directions. She missed an egg and we are yelling trying to tell her where to look for it!
Alright she got the egg and is off for others!
(We laughed because she just ran where Lauren was going)
Lauren is off to a good start! I hide some really hard tricky eggs for her!

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