Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jamie's "33" Birthday!

Jamie's turned "33" on the March 1st, 2011
sorry I am just getting around to posting...we have been busy every night this week it seemed like.

We had a great birthday dinner at his parents!
Papa cooked steaks and Nana fixed the rest.
Rice, peas,(that granny hand shelled) mashed potatoes and asparagus.
Typing this makes me hungry all over again. Ha!
Jamie's parents are a blessing to my girls and me.
I love the example they set for Jamie and how they raised him to be a wonderful husband, father, friend, son, brother, co-worker, and employee. Nana and Papa are a sweet Christian couple who put God first in everything they do and it shows and is a witness to me.
Family is very important to them and you can tell it in their life.
So, on Monday night we ate dinner, sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles, ate cake and sat around the table taking and laughing! I personally love to hear Jamie tell a story, it makes me laugh! I love to hear old stories about when they were little boys growing up in the chicken houses or old stories about Big Papa. It makes me wish I would have experienced that as a child too. But for whatever reason I didn't get to and my grandmother raised me! (Which I am very thankful for my life with her it is just hard to understand why sometimes I didn't get to experience a mother and father relationship) I am so thankful for Jamie's Godly Parents! I am so thankful for the many blessing God has blessed me with one of those being my Husband Jamie! He is my heart!

Our sweet girls!
Caroline insisted on putting her daddy's candles on the cake! Wow!
She said she made them into a dinosaur?? Not seeing it?
She told her Uncle Jerry and he sadly told her the same! lol
My Family! (Notice the party hats! While at Hobby Lobby the weekend before Caroline insisted on buying them for Lauren and her Daddy!) And one for her too of course!
I love this picture of Jamie
He was smiling while we were singing Happy Birthday to him!
We love you honey! XOXO

Oh and notice the fire on the cake? I bought some clearance candles from Hobby Lobby the same night Caroline had to have the Party Hats! Wow it almost burnt Jamie's eyebrows off!
However don't worry the family had a good laugh as I admitted that I had bought them on sale for 49c. for the pack. lol!
He was able to blow all of them out at once!
Brothers and Father and sons!

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  1. How funny about the candles, I knew I shouldn't have showed you the clearance wall!!! It truely looks like a fire on the cake haha :)