Monday, March 28, 2011

Air Show!

Our First Blue Angels Air Show!
Caroline and I happened to be in Target in Mississippi when everyone was asking about sunscreen! So with all the excitement I asked a sales associate why everyone needed sunscreen?
They then explained to me that the Keelser Air Force Base was having the Blue Angels Air Show Saturday and Sunday. Well, how could we miss it? So I bought some sunscreen and snacks (cause I wasn't sure about all of this...I had never been to an air show before and knew little bit had to have plenty of food and drinks!) On Sunday I loaded up my stroller with a blanket, sunglasses, food, sunscreen and set out to find our way to the air force base! Wow, at the people attending! We parked our car and had to walk to where you got bussed into the air strip! It was so neat to be apart of the experience. I was also neat to see the patriotism people had. I thought what an honor to get to watch this! How lucky are we to get to live in a country like the USA. I am totally hooked! I would love to go to the last show in Pensacola with Jamie and the girls! If you have never been you should put it on your list of things to do!
FYI: You need the following...
~Ear Plugs
~Cash for food
~They have really good corndogs, funnel cakes, chicken strip baskets, anything you could want!
Icee, cokes, water, gatoraid! However, I was prepared for the worst!


  1. I remember going as a child when we lived in California-super neat!!