Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Parties!

Valentine's Day at School!
I remember how exciting that day was when I was little! My grandmother made it so special! I loved the class parties, the flowers and balloons, handing out my Valentine's, the class parties at the Elementary school, then when I got older having a "Valentine" We had a fun day! On our way home my mother -in-law called us and invited us over to have a candle light breakfast supper! ha! I was super excited to not have to clean up my kitchen (However Jamie had a council meeting and we had to cut supper short and hitch a ride with Papa home)

For our date night Jamie and I were going to go to dinner Saturday night only to find the wait time at my favorite restaurant "Bonefish" was 1 hour and 45 minutes!! NOT!! SO...he still owes me dinner!

What a blessing to get to work at the same school as my daughters.
One of Caroline's Wonderful teachers Mrs. Wendy

My Fourth Grader! I am going to miss her at the Elementary next year!!! So sad, It is easy just to slip over and go to parties or if she forgot something to come over to my room. I don't know what I am going to do without her at the middle school and on a different campus.
So... I am trying to make the most of what time I have left this school year....
I love you Lauren and I am so proud of you!!!!
Lauren, Christianna, Grace, and Chensey
Anna, Hannah and Makenzie
Lauren and Christianna
Eating snacks
Zibe, Braley, Bailey, Kinsey and Caroline
One of Caroline's Wonderful Teachers! Mrs. Christy
Braley, Caroline and Bailey
Papa surprised Caroline and came to her party!!
And Daddy did too!
She was so excited to have them there with her.

All of Caroline's class had to make shoesbox's to put their Valentine's in at school!
Parents came up with some great ideas.
The whole Pre-K did this as a parent/child involvement.
Braley's Valentine's bucket
Gabe's Loader
Trace's Love Monster!!
Zibe's Love Machine!
A picture outside my classroom in the hallway!
Another picture of our hallway!

My Class Shoe Boxes!
Danny's Monster/Alien
Cole's Dragon!
Phineas's Lizard!!
Evalyn's Mouse!
My sweet girls!
Lauren's snack for her class
Pencil Favors!
I found these sweet Valentine's on Etsy and had them printed out for both girls.

Caroline headed to class with her giraffe shoebox!
She was so excited!

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  1. We had such a great time, your pics are amazing! I am super jealous of your pic with the girls! Please remind me at the next party to pose with Bailey :)