Thursday, November 10, 2011

My bones hurt!

This is coldest I have ever been!

I saw where the Blue Angels were coming to Jacksonville in November and I wanted the whole family to go to the air show! (I feel in love with the whole experience when we were in Biloxi in March and Caroline and I went while Jamie was in a tournament)

I packed for our trip and brought some pillows and blankets for our car ride.
(we love to sleep on the way but my husband always gives me a hard time on how much stuff I bring every time we leave the house) See I can't travel without a blanket for each of us and a couple pillows incase I want to take a nap! Ha!

Little did I know that we would need the blankets once we got there!
Oh and let me tell you we all checked the weather for Saturday on our iPhones and it said partly cloudy with a high of 60-65...okay so if we could have found the poor weather man, we all would have slapped him or kicked him! Jerry wore shorts and brought a light jacket
Luckily I did bring big jackets for the girls but with the wind 15-20 mph and the temperature 45 it was freezing!!!!!
Nana and Caroline bundled up walking to the entrance

The cold had not quite hit us yet!

These are about the only pictures I took
I froze quick and by the time we got through security and our chairs set up I didn't get up to take nothing!
Lauren was the warmest out of all of us but that wasn't saying much!
Jerry is laughing because he was checking the weather on his phone again!
Not even funny for the rest of us!
We are discussing that we heard the Blue Angels are not flying at 3:00 and they postponed it so we are having a quick family meeting to decide we can't withstand the cold anymore and we are headed to the car.

Oh I forgot to tell you when we went through the security gates they wouldn't let Papa in because he had forgot to take his knife out of his pocket. Well, Jerry said he would walk back and put it in the car...we waited and waited for him worrying he got lost or couldn't find the car. Meanwhile Jamie just kept saying the reason Jerry was so willing to take his daddy's knife to the car was, he was freezing and he got in it and turned the heater on full blast to warm back up! Finally after 45 mintues and 10 texts later we found him! He had been to the car and somehow walked past us to walk around the air show and check out the planes! Talk about ready to hurt somebody else...Yes! Jerry was next in line right after the weather man!

Now with Jerry with us! We went to get a hotdog and coke to sit down. By the time we stood in line and got back to our seats the hotdog was no longer a hotdog but a colddog!

On the way to the car we heard the blue angels coming down the runway!
We watched the show from the parking lot in the freezing cold! Nana and Papa watched from the car and we would walk and watch walk some more and stop to take pictures.
It was beautiful to see them fly and it is like I have said before so patriotic to me.
We went to eat at Magganios little Italy for dinner and came home.
It was so good to finally get warm and eat a delicious meal
We had a great day together even if we almost froze to death! lol


  1. What a fun trip, I love the picture of Lauren with the fuzzy hood on --she is so pretty!

  2. Looks fun but not sure I could have waited in the cold..I would have had to get larens jacket!