Monday, July 11, 2011

Sew Blessed

Marsha and I had been dying to go Sew Blessed in Hahira Georgia!
We had been talking about it for months...Well Thursday was our day!
We planned it earlier in the week and when Thursday came around I was excited!
We met up at Marsha's at left about 7:30!
We stopped in Lake Park to grab breakfast at Chick-fil-a who could resist chicken minis?
We made it to Sew Blessed!
I tried to take a picture of all of us using my automatic timer on my camera and got our feet!
(Not a good idea when you are placing it on the hood of the car?)
The train came by while we were there!
It was excitement for the girls!
It was flying by so fast!
It was the cutest fabric/quilt shop I had ever been in.
They also were having a Sewing Camp this week for 7-9 year olds!
I would have loved to go to a sewing camp when I was a little girl! However the teacher was a bit grouchy. How could you not be friendly? Poor little girls...She needed to learn some... PATIENCE
I mean she would have made me cry just like she made the little girl there too!
Wow! They are seven, eight and nine....If it was me I would never want to sew again!
I just hope they made it through Friday!!!
One of the dresses I bought Caroline!
Precious Dr. Seuss dresses!
Look at this bean bag!!! I love it!!!
I would love to sew one!
Caroline feel in love with this owl top!
Too bad it wasn't her size!
She even had them put it on her to see if it would fit :(
A scalloped sign and buttons!
Lauren was such a good babysitter while we were there! She found fabric she liked for me to make her an apron!
Look at all the rick rack!!!
This lady was named Fran too! She kept hearing Ashley and Marsha call our name and it was so nice to meet someone named Franne too! I hate my name and I always have...I didn't share that with her though! She was such a sweet lady and so helpful and knowledgeable about sewing!
We hit it off! We were sharing all of our information with each other! SEW SWEET!
I was trying to figure out how much fabric I needed to make aprons for Caroline's birthday party. And a little overwhelmed with all the beautiful fabric. Hard choices to make! lol
My girls!
Look at all the buttons behind me in the cubbies!

So glad to spend the day with my two girls! They were sew sweet and I am sew blessed to have them as my daughters.

We had a wonderful day together!
Now I have some sewing to get done before school starts.
Thank you Marsha for a fun day.
I am Sew Truly Blessed


  1. All I could think when reading this was.... POOR LOY:)

  2. love all that bad I can't sew! SO do you eat chicken minis everywhere you go???? (Smile)

  3. Is this the same Sew Blessed that has an Etsy shop?! OOOHHHH....

  4. Christy- the answer to that would be yes! lol
    Crystal-I am not sure? I will have to check it out!