Friday, May 27, 2011

Silver Springs!

Caroline's Pre-K field trip to Siver Springs!
Morning didn't start off very good! After an almost car wreck on the way to work and broken glass vases later I made it to school! Little did I know my phone was in the floor board and it was going to get left in my car all day! (I had given out my number to all of my parents in case of an emergency) I didn't realize it was in my car till half way to Bronson!
However I decided on the bus ride I was not going to let it ruin my day with my baby!
I thanked God for protecting me and Caroline and texted Jamie on Connie's phone to let him know my phone was in my car and I enjoyed the day!
Caroline on the world famous "Glass Bottom Boat"
Checking out the fish
The Alligator
Just as Caroline saw the gator she yells "Shoot em! Shoot em!
Can you tell she has watched Swamp People?
Some of the yankees standing around were insulted!
However it made Mrs. Marsha and Mr. Jack crack up!
Can you say stinch?
"They Smell" said Caroline

Taking a boat ride!
Checking out the Bear!
How cool! Eating some corn on the cob
Braley's grandparents spoiled them! Can you tell?
Ice Cream!!
Thank you for the ice cream Mr. Jack and Mrs. Marsha!
Caroline said "Mom look at me I look like Ernie
Walking sticks!

Thank you Mammy and Pappy for spoiling us on our field trip!
We had a great day! Thank you for letting up tag along with you and for giving us a ride home after my morning I am not sure if I could have rode the hot noisy bus home!
Sonny's was delicious too! Glad I didn't get you lost Mrs. Marsha coming home! I sure didn't want to be wrong and have to pay for the gas! lol

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