Tuesday, May 24, 2011

little Crayons!!

Caroline's End of the Year Program for Pre-K
"Color My World"
It was so cute! Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Wendy went all out with the crayon outfits and color songs. They sang the sweetest Taylor Swift song "Don't you ever grow up"
Caroline, Carsen and Braley singing Taylor Swift
I think I cried the whole song!
It was so innocent and precious!
Time does fly by...
I love this picture of papa and nana!
I just happened to capture them in the corner talking and then to steal a quick kiss!
Jamie has to most precious parents to me! I feel so blessed and luck to have a husband that was raised by them. They set such a great example for how to love your spouse.
Mrs. Christy, Thank you for loving and teaching our baby this year! She loves you and Mrs. Wendy so much! Thank you for all you did for her! xoxo
Caroline loves and looks up to her Big Sister Lauren!
Our Family!
The Martin's
Lauren, Gaga, Franne and Caroline
Caroline with Mrs. Sheree
diploma or telescope?
Proud Girl! Poor baby however has to wait one more year till she gets to go to Kindergarden!
Caroline with her Fake diploma! lol
Hugging her sweet teacher Mrs. Christy!
Sweet babies

Caroline, Carsen, Braley and Kinsey
Hunter, Caroline and Kinsey
singing a color song
Little Bo peep has lost her sheep!
Mrs. Wendy and Caroline!
Little Crayons!

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  1. They were so cute! I am so going to miss that group of kids, they were so special!