Sunday, February 13, 2011

XOXO 2011

I just love Valentine's Day!
Maybe because it is my favorite color? RED!
Maybe because I have fond memories of my Sweet Grandmother always surprising me with something sweet and her really special cards from Hall-Mark!
Maybe because it represents Love!
Maybe because I LOVE my night out to dinner with my Amazing Husband!

I have had decorations up since the day after Christmas! Ha! I know it awful, but the house always looks so bare with all the Christmas decorations packed away I have to put up some hearts! Lauren came back from her dad's to say to me when she walked in the door "Mom, seriously??" I had made a Vintage Valentine's Wreaths 4 to be exact (thanks Annie for the great Idea) along with putting out some old favorites. I love the color red (for anyone that knows me I have a red couch) Ha! I also left out all of my red berries around the house from Christmas
(I have them literally hanging from the chandeliers)
I am still feeling awful... 2010 would be the first year I haven't sent out Christmas photo cards. I have NEVER done this and lord willing I will NEVER do it again. So here is an attempt to make it better! (Sissy, I know you have more kids than me and you still managed to send out Christmas Cards so you will forever be my hero...and next year when I am busy running around like a Chicken with me head cut off I will stop to send out Christmas cards)

I found this template on another blog and the best part was it was free!
I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop and with some help of a friend! Valentine's Cards!!
I still can't decide which one is my favorite!
I LOVE MY GIRLS and I am so blessed to have them!
They are too sweet!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

I will post pics from the girls Valentine's Parties hopefully tomorrow!

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