Friday, December 9, 2011

Lauren's Spa Night!

Zebra Stripes and Cheetah print is what my baby wanted for her party...and a sleepover of course! We had the most fun with everything she planned for her party! We had pizza, strawberry cupcakes, cakepops, cheese ball, pedicures, manicures and a face mask! We played the game headbandz, bop it, and wii dance country!
Lauren turned 11 on December 20th! I can't believe my baby is 11!
What a blessing she is to me!
Lauren I am so proud of YOU!
I made a banner out of the cupcake liners she picked out
Love the pink and black!
Lauren Anne!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Make a wish!
We love you Lauren
Caroline and Braley had to get in on the fun!
Braley, Makenzie, Kiley, Lauren, Annah, Hannah, Grace, Chesney, Christianna and Caroline showing off their mani and pedi's
Lots of laughs and lots of fun!
Such a sweet group of girls!
Up early for some more laughs and a game of Bop It!
Too funny! Playing a game of pass it on the bop it!
Okay they had passed it a couple times around without anyone messing up....getting harder! lol
Now for some wii just dance country! Lots of fun!

Happy Birthday Lauren! We love you and we had so much fun at your sleepover and spa party! My favorite party so far....I had so much fun giving you a pedicure and treating you some pampering! You and your friends are so much fun and so funny....I hope you had a great night!


  1. How fun, I love the cupcake liner banner! You are an amazing hostess, I wouldn't know what to do with that many girls--I guess I'll have to figure it how sooner or later though...

  2. It was a blast. So glad Braley and I could be apart of it.