Friday, December 9, 2011

Cookies and Friends!

Mrs. Virginia and Franne's Annual Cookie Exchange
I love my little tree in the wagon....One of my favorite Christmas decorations I have!
I take such good care of my Santa's they don't even go to the shed....I pack them away safe in Caroline's closet
Our food table...Goat cheese, Meatballs and Heavenly Ham Salad!
Tasting some cookies for a friendly little competition
Stephanie and Aubriegh picking out some cookies
The cookie table
(We literally ran out of room)
Ashtyn, Jordan and Aubriegh eating some yummy cookies and drinking some of Nana's delicious hot apple cider
Ashtyn and Lauren
Soon to be birthday girls!
Lauren and her Aunt Marsha
Franne and Alina
(Lauren's teacher and friend)
My first cousin Ashley and I
Braley and Caroline
Mrs. Debbie, Mrs. Angie, Mrs. Virginia, Lola
Lauren announcing the winners of the cookie bake...
Best Tasting: Marsha Cook
Best Looking: Amanda Jones
Most Unique: Alina Dewein
Nana, Caroline, Amanda, Alina, Marsha, Franne and Lauren
Braley, Caroline and Aubriegh playing in the bunk bed!

Mrs. Sheree and her girls!
Lots of catching up!
Ashley and Braley
Lola, Mattie and Jordan
Stephanie, Aubriegh and Ashtyn
Lauren picking out some cookies for her to take to her Nana and Papa
Lauren and Ashley
My cousin Ashley and best friend since the 5th grade Stephanie
Mrs. Angie and Mrs. Virginia
(These are two sweet ladies!)
They have been best friends for a long time
I love to hear them tell a story or get tickled!
Lots of conversations going on!

Ashtyn and Ashley

We had a wonderful night with family and friends. I want to thank everyone for coming and being apart of our tradition. Next year I hope we can plan it where everyone will be able to attend.


  1. OK Caroline is seriously cracking me up with her new "picture pose"! Cookie party looked so cute, wished I could have been there! Maybe next year, super cute traditiion!

  2. Love the picture of Lauren and I..... need a copy of it. It was fun as always. Glad I got to be apart of yours since I didn't have one this year.