Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Christmas 2010

The Martin Christmas Traditions!
We always go to Jamie's parents house on Christmas Eve. We pack up the presents, food, pillows, toothbrushes, and everything we need to stay the night. (Jamie use to go to his dad's parents when he was a little boy and do the same thing until he started his own family) I made homemade vegetable soup this year for us to eat before heading over to Grandma and Big Papa's to see the tribe (as papa would call it) We stayed for a little while before going back to Nana V and Papa's house to made another Christmas tradition... a Gingerbread House !
This year Jamie picked one up on the way home from work, that had the sleigh and Santa
along with skittles, m&ms and gumdrops. Caroline ate more than she decorated. Lauren was really precise with hers. I hot glued the house this year after some bad experiences. ha!
After the girls were finished Lauren wrote Santa a note. We got the homemade cookies we made especially for Santa, filled the glass with milk and put it by the fireplace. Lauren brought the Night Before Christmas to read in Nana and Papa's bed. (another tradition) Lauren read us the whole book! She has become a wonderful reader. After the book it took Caroline awhile to finally settle down...she needed water...needed another hug from Nana....needed to go potty....she played and ticked Lauren.... However Lauren was ready for what the morning would bring and wasn't as new to this as Caroline. Meanwhile the boys (Papa, Jamie and Jerry) were back at Papa and Grandma's playing cards with all the Martin family. (another tradition)

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