Saturday, January 29, 2011

100 days of School

The shape of 100
Ella's fairy made out of noodles
Bailey's 100 hearts
Cole's Battle of 100
Judson's 1oo tractors
Phineas's project made out of Lego!
100 monkeys hanging from a tree!
by Railee M.
Christianna, Lauren and Grace
Cole is crazy!
Our 4th Graders!
Caroline's 100 crayons project
My sweet Daughters

Lauren with 100 sequins on her shirt!

Caroline with her 100 day shirt

Lauren's 100 days of school cupcakes for her class
Bailey and Caroline excited about 100 days of school

We had so much fun for the 100 days of school!
I baked and iced 75 cupcake for Lauren's, Caroline's and my classroom on Wednesday night and topped with 100 day toppers! Then I made Caroline and Bailey's 100 day shirt. I stayed up too late! But it was worth it when Lauren came in class to get her cupcakes that morning and said to me "Mom I love them! You are the best Mom ever" Wow! did that make my day! It hit me that this will be Lauren's last "100 days of school" at Trenton Elementary! My baby will be at the Middle School for 5th Grade which doesn't seem fair. So I had a break from my classroom and went over to find her at lunch. She was embarrassed for me to be coming over to take pictures of her and all of her friends. They all came over and I got some cute pictures of the group that had once started out in Pre-K together. I was also able to get some fun pictures of Caroline with her friends which were more cooperative than the 4th graders! lol
After school the girls and I went to Big Daddy's and Gaga's to check on Big Daddy. (Big Daddy aka Mr. Howell and Gaga aka Mrs. Sheree are like my adoptive parents. He had surgery on his neck Wednesday and we had to give him our love. Gaga and I made Taco Soup for him and the girls and I stayed and ate supper. We always have lots of laughs with Gaga and Big Daddy.



  1. Love the pictures, they are all super cute! Loved Bailey and Carolines shirts!!! Thank You

  2. such cute photos, Franne! The girls are adorable. Love all the creative and fun 100 days of school ideas, too! :)
    Excited that you started a blog!!!