Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Day off!

We had off Monday and this is how we spent our day!
Jamie played the Wii! A little bit of boxing, golf and of course baseball.
See, the batteries had gone dead in the wii remotes and we (I) kept forgetting to pick some up.
Jamie got so into knocking out the opponents he could barley move the next day or get out of the bed Tuesday morning. I am trying not to laugh as I type this. (Ha!)
I woke up (about 9ish) and starting cooking chili and stew beef. See I was trying to get a head start on supper for Tuesday night.How nice would it be if I got home from AR to supper completed? My thoughts exactly! Oh and laundry done and the house clean? Lauren went to the cow market with her Papa William this morning about 10:30 and would be home about 5:00.
As I was cooking and cleaning up the kitchen I went to check on Caroline in her room and this is what I found....
She was cooking and feeding her new baby "Abby" she got from Nana and Papa for Christmas
I stood there listening to her talk to Abby and get her food ready.
So sweet to hear her change he little voice and take baby to Abby.
This kitchen set was Lauren's when she turned 5! How sweet to get to see Caroline playing with something Lauren use to love! I can remember sitting in Lauren's room and she would cook me food and serve me while pretending she was out of everything I ordered. (tears) my baby girl turned 11 this year and I can't believe she is not 5 anymore.

We had a great day off and it was nice to be home and spending time with my family!
Lauren got home from the cow market and we got baths and finished making Valentine's for her class. I will post pictures of that soon!

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