Friday, August 5, 2011

Taking Care of Business aka:TCB

This summer we went to Graceland....we actually we were going to Tunica, MS for several days and when Jamie told his brother how close Graceland was from Tunica they decided to make a family trip and add a couple of days to our vacation! (Remember... Franne doesn't care were she goes, she is always ready for a good trip! (She gets that from Grandmother) I laugh and say Caroline would go to the dump is we were going! However the poor baby gets that from ME!
Oh so back to the story.....Graceland was on Jerry's bucket list and Jamie's parents had been before and told us how neat it was.

Waiting in line for our tour to start
Busy talking about Elvis
At the entrance
The front of the manison
Listening to all the cool facts about Elvis!
The living room

One of the upstairs room
The dinning room
I love this picture!
The kitchen
So this is the room where it hit me....Elvis ate in here!
Another picture of the kitchen
The upstairs bar
The famous room with all the mirrors
Crazy colors
Lauren listened to every word of the tour! She loved Elvis's mansion
This was a neat room!
And the famous Jungle room!
The office
The back of the manison
The pool!
The studio
Caroline standing by a statue
The graves of Elvis and his grandparents and parents
Jamie loves how many pictures I take! lol
I loved all of Elvis's cars
His moms cadillac
lots and lots of cars!
Priscilla Presley's mercedes

One of his Mercedes Limos

We all had a lot of fun today touring Elvis's mansion. I never knew him, he was before my time...however it was very sad and defiantly made me love him and understand why everyone was so crazy about him!

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